It’s not one of the best known Disney animations, but The Emperor’s New Groove certainly ranks high in the innuendo department. You have Anton Ego saying “If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow it.”. Not only does Ariel have to trade her voice for legs, but she also … As Mrs Potato Head argues for the toys’ release, Lotso snatches away her plastic mouth, prompting outcry from her husband. Nemo, Inc. … You may hear a conversation between some of your favorite Disney characters. – Anna responds that “foot size doesn’t matter”, suggesting Hans may not be all that underneath the regal wear. Sexual harassment - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) © The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Walt Disney Animation Studios. As Frollo sings into his fireplace, Esmerelda appears in the flames – and, for just a few blink-and-you’ll-miss-them frames, she does it apparently completely nude. Bryan Papazov. The situation gets even more difficult because of social services, who keep a close an eye on the sisters, threatening to take Lilo away. Realising he’s accidentally introduced himself to the predatory Lena Hyena, Valiant hides out in the hotel toilet. "The Little Mermaid." A Dwayne Johnson-level-ripped centaur who towers over Herc, Nessus comes up against Zeus’ boy when the River God attempts to snatch Megara. Either way, here are some new hidden things about Disney movies that you probably have never noticed before. In "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", the sorcerer is named Yen Sid, which is Disney spelled backwards. In the world of Cars, it seems the characters’ minds are just as filthy as those of the Disney animators. For the uninitiated, Esmerelda is the Gypsy dancer who befriends poor old hunchbacked bell ringer Quasimodo in the film. Kristoff wants to know everything, including Hans’ favourite food, eye colour and “foot size”. Hidden Gems on Disney Plus: 11 Classic Movies to Watch. So there you have it: The word ‘SEX’ spelled out for Disney fans to subconsciously absorb – or just a coincidental tangle of computer-animated hair? Player View. 5. One criticism is that the Cars films aim squarely at kids, rather than being the all-round family experience that most other Pixar films are. Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear first letting his villainy be known when the toys confront the strawberry-scented teddy about escaping Sunnyside. In case you missed it: there are more disturbing things in Toy Story 3 than the gang almost being melted to death in a giant furnace. The wonderful world of Disney has long been suspected of hiding subliminal sexual messages in its animated films. Finding Mickey 2. Marilyn Monroe nearly bares all in Hercules 3. Hidden Gems on Disney Plus: 11 Classic Movies to Watch. In Monster’s University, when they’re chasing Fear Tech’s mascot through the frat house, there’s a background character that looks like a potato sitting on a chair looking high as fuck. Not only… The movie shows that it is okay to not feel happy all the time and it’s important to accept all the emotions we have. Halfway through the film, as Kristoff and Anna get to know each other, they begin to discuss the attributes of Prince Hans. One of the constellations depicts Marilyn’s famous white dress moment, in an example of ‘one for the dads.’ The animators cut away before too much is revealed. Though princesses are still beautiful, and well above average, and anatomically impossible–even in … What the ‘prince’ doesn’t count on is Jasmine’s pet tiger, Rajah, confronting him on the balcony of the palace. The gloves they give her represent their attempt to hide her uniqueness and make her “normal.” Elsa wore the gloves for her whole life and tried to be “normal,” until she escaped, accepted who she was, and threw them away. Throughout the dastardly Judge Claude Frollo’s song, Hellfire, Esmerelda appears in a pulse-quickening vision for the sinful Justice. If you haven’t thought about it, Inside Out is a movie about depression and how it progresses. Disney has gotten a lot of flack over this theme, and only recently started changing things around. Is dashing magic street urchin Aladdin to be trusted? The embarrassment on that toy’s face says more than he could ever convey in words. Is there a more tragic character in Pixar history than Francis, A Bug’s Life’s male ladybird? A lot of characters Dory meets represent a certain mental illness (for example, Hank the octopus represents depression and the whale named Bailey represents anxiety). We all know that Tinker Bell is a busy little fairy. 1. The movie shows how people, who are different, are threatened in society, and it’s not just about magic: any kind of social minorities that exist in our own society can relate to this situation. Short-term memory loss isn’t the only disorder shown in the movie. Bubbles in Disney films are often a good place to spot hidden Mickeys, like this big one when Cinderella sings while cleaning. This meant that a large number of children found themselves exposed to a joke about a man’s foot size that was only ever meant for the adult world. And how could he resist? Films Disney. No, if Bambi is a talking point today among the denizens of the internet, it’s because the film might be a kind of subtle sex education for the whole family. Or is it “Good tiger, take off, scat, go!”, as is claimed on the film’s director’s commentary? Of all the beasts our hero has to face off against in 1997’s Hercules, Nessus the River Guardian is one of the demigod’s lesser foes. Even her parents never helped her to learn to be herself and to not be afraid of them, preferring to shut her out and trying to make her fit in. 1. There are also a couple of references made to hero Linguini’s manhood, one of which is not so subtle at all. 12 IMAGES. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) This ‘tent’, however, only covers one part of Kronk’s body, and it ain’t his head. Sometimes in the Aladdin films, Genie even enjoyed making a few risqué jokes which the adults in the cinema would definitely have appreciated. And this is what happens in our world too. A big cat, or another surreptitious naked Disney lady? Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty And The Beast make an appearance on Tarzan. Or does it? A children’s cartoon can become so deep, you can get lost. The rumor is that the penis was deliberately drawn as a last act of defiance by a disgruntled Disney artist who was being laid off. 1942’s Bambi, only the fifth animated feature film to be released by Disney, continues to be a talking point for modern audiences, and not just because of that scene where Bambi’s mum gets killed. When she got swept away and lost her parents, she was swimming around totally lost, not knowing who she was — and this is the reality people with amnesia disorders face. Trouble is, as I'm sure most of … It’s a Basic Instinct moment in a film full of risqué humour, atypical even for those filth merchants over in the Disney animation house. But while the dust particles are swirling around in the air the letters S-E-X appear then disappear quickly. If you know Disney movies, you knew to look for Easter eggs in the studio's latest animated feature, Moana. In Wreck-It Ralph, two characters from Tangled make cameos: Flynn's horse Maximus, and Vladimir, one of the thugs at the Snuggly Duckling. 1. Baby Herman isn’t actually a baby at all, but a middle-aged ‘toon with a gravelly voice, taste for cigars and an eye for the ladies. Being a lover of all things Disney, I couldn't resist dedicating a post to all the hidden characters found in Disney/Pixar movies- enjoy! Emotional abuse isn’t as clearly seen as physical abuse, though it can be as traumatizing. It turns out the rumour was just that, though. Exhibit A: 1995’s very first Toy Story, and specifically one of the characters that lurk in bully Sid’s bedroom. Hidden Gems on Disney Plus. Beyond that, Vanellope is an example for bullied kids and teaches us how important it is to stay friendly no matter what. This scene was cut from home video versions of the film, because the only place people want to see a toddler with an adult voice sexually assaulting a woman is in their nightmares. There are a lot of spooky shadows, odd bats, and hidden Mickeys (and Minnies … When Riley moves to San Francisco, her depression starts to develop since she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents and suppresses her real feelings of sadness. Admit it: even as a kid, you had a crush on The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Esmerelda. This one scene, which cemented the blonde bombshell as an enduring sex symbol, has become a cultural touchstone. Brad Bird’s film isn’t, however, immune to a raunchy and honestly pretty weird dialogue exchange about veg. On the original VHS cover there is a large golden penis. In his own words, Herman has a “50-year-old lust and a three-year-old dinkie”. First thing’s first: if you don’t know what a ‘lemon party’ is, for your own sake, do NOT start Googling it now. Think again, buster, because Tangled, Disney’s 2010 computer-animated take on the Rapunzel myth, has its own suggestive artwork. “I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear,” says Anger in reply, opening up a whole can of worms. In Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope wasn’t like other girls in her game. It’s SFX,” Sito claims. All you need to know is that ‘lemon party’ refers to a widely shared shock image of three elderly gentlemen in the act of…we’ll call it lovemaking. Joy restricts Sadness from doing anything and tries to lock her in a circle. Former Disney animator Tom Sito says the ‘bulge’ is actually one of the bishop’s knees, but this didn’t stop one viewer from attempting to sue Disney over the image not being ‘suitable for use and viewing by young children’. In case anybody missed it, he’s talking about sex. There are often subtle nods to previous movies and sometimes even … Miss Piggy then says all she can ever say in her protracted greeting of Tim Curry’s Long John Silver. The whole movie shows how it progresses and destroys everything that used to be the definition of her. “It doesn’t say SEX. That would make ‘Legs’ a walking hooker, which isn’t subtle, but damn if it doesn’t get the job done as a visual gag aimed squarely at the grown-ups. It’s a reference, of course, to San Francisco famously being a global centre for gay culture, in particular a large and hairy man active in the community that Riley has recently spotted. ... and nails what appears to be the first masturbation joke in Disney movie history. The groupies are immediately escorted away by security, because even in the world of Cars, flashing is considered grounds for removal. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's Cameo in The Little Mermaid. Who Framed Roger Rabbit isn’t your typical animated movie, and it’s certainly not your typical Disney. For anyone who still doubts that the Disney animators are secretly up to no good, just take a look at what happens next: Damn, Hercules, are you kidding us with this? Perhaps even more so than parent company Disney, Pixar has a history with innuendos intended just for the adults in the room. It all happens when Jaq and Gus, the film’s rodent heroes, elect to steal a bunch of beads. “Isn’t this a great party?”, one attendee asks, in case anybody in the audience hadn’t caught on to what was going on. We all wondered about it when we were kids: just who are those sexy women who despise Aladdin in his introduction scene? Magic Kingdom Liberty Square beckons you to explore its secrets… 1. Some think they hear a subliminal message: Aladdin saying “good teenagers, take off your clothes”. You decide. The adventure also follows Kronk, lunk-headed henchman to the Emperor’s scheming advisor Yzma. Is Andy related to … Monroe’s skirt lift is now so familiar that it’s even made it into a Disney movie, namely Hercules. In "Toy Story 2," upon meeting Jesse the Cowgirl, Buzz Lightyear has an unexpected... 'Mulan' - A Couple of … He doesn’t even deny his desire: he clearly suggests that either she should choose to be with him or he’ll burn her alive. Hidden Mickeys have appeared in every Disney full-length animated feature film since the very beginning with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. Some of these sexy gags spotted by viewers are, if you’re to believe the Disney insiders themselves, ‘accidental’. In Frozen, Elsa has had to hide her personality and her powers since she was a child. Since the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988, Jessica Rabbit has become one of the most iconic symbols of female sensuality in real life and in the world of animation. A very clear underlying theme across nearly every Disney movie with a princess is that it’s hard to be pretty. The themes of most of his movies tend to focus on the children, and the parents are conveniently left out (most of the main characters are orphans). This demonstrates that Disney is not pro-family. You also have the brief sight of a man painting a nude of a female companion, which is less surprising considering the film is set in Paris. Nevertheless, Vanellope always stayed friendly to them, forgetting all their offenses, even when they broke the cart she made herself. It shows how hard it is for a child to overcome a loss, what it takes for a broken family to overcome all the difficulties, and how much they need all the love and support they can get. Naturally, considering the filth-mongers that we are as a society today, the mockery regards a scene that – taken out of context – looks distractingly hardcore. As a young fish, Dory learns how to survive with her illness and explain it to others. Parents might understand these Disney messages, but they'll definitely go over most kids' heads! It’s one of the most iconic moments in movie history: Marilyn Monroe steps on a subway grate, and promptly has her skirt lifted by a gust from a passing train. You’ll just have to take his word on that one though. It also calls us on to talk about our feelings and mental health. Does the bishop get aroused in "The Little Mermaid"? The movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame probably tells the darkest story Disney ever told. Disney movies have more than their fair share of cool hidden Easter eggs. A Bugs Life – Speak Up . Stumble upon a payphone in the Main Street Hat Shop? Though it is, like much of Disney’s output, rated a family-friendly PG, Robert Zemeckis’ cartoon/live-action mashup often seems aimed more at adults than kids. It says special effects. Now, can anyone explain why the animators would have found it funny that Kronk might have wanted to keep just that particular part of his anatomy covered up while he was sleeping? It’s Disney. A young gypsy girl, Esmeralda, is represented as the sexual object of all the protagonists, but it’s especially obvious with Frollo. We asked you to use the magic of image manipulation to create the dirty secrets we could have missed. Pixar might be the best around in terms of making art out of its animation, but if you think the studio is above making cheap boner jokes, think again. Let’s discuss all of your ideas in the comments. The above one-sheet, used to promote the film in the run-up to its cinema release, is said to contain yet another subliminal sexy message. But we couldn't have caught them all. We asked you … The first conquest Miss Piggy confesses to in the film is one Captain Flint, with a bold and feisty “he was a pirate, I was a lady…you know the story”. Perhaps one of the best visual gags in any movie… Cars 2 has as its villains a bunch of old cars – nicknamed the Lemons – involved in an international fuel-based conspiracy. There is a postcard from “Up” that can be seen in “Toy Story 3” on Andy’s board. By Blake Harper. Here are 20 popular Disney movies and their hidden values to help us prosper in our life and career: 1. She never hurt anyone and did nothing wrong, but people didn’t want to accept her because she was different in a way that was considered negative and unacceptable in their society. Wakey, Wakey Tinker Bell! In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, the first, direct-to-video sequel to Aladdin, Aladdin and Jasmine prepare to marry. At first she only feels Disgust, Anger, and Fear, and then she doesn’t feel anything at all. The way he behaves with Esmeralda (he constantly touches her, and even smells her hair and her scarf) clearly shows he is sexually attracted to her and Esmeralda knows it. This looks like the perfect place to rustle up some grubs… … and a hidden Mickey, too! In one scene, these old geezers can be found having a party featuring lemon hats, lemonade and a table full of lemons. The struggles of child custody and a broken family are shown in the movie. With that vague, cautious introduction out of the way, let’s move on to one of the most outrageous Disney in-jokes of them all. You’re welcome to scroll through what we have prepared, but be careful — from this moment on, you’ll probably forever see these movies from a different perspective. As Thumper spies himself a beautiful female rabbit, his ears begin to twitch to attention. Which leads us on to the next question: how do these prostitutes know Aladdin so well, and why do they push the poor chap out of a window? Keeping company with a spider-baby, a car that walks and a GI Joe head glued onto a Melody Push Chime is ‘Legs’. Beyond aliens and stuff, this story is also about how 2 orphaned sisters try to overcome the loss of their parents and continue being a family. 25 Funniest Dirty Jokes Hidden in Animated Kid’s Films. Lilo & Stitch teaches us to be kind and confide in others, and, of course, teaches us that “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”. Two Hidden … 4) He often placed Satanic themes in several of his movies, not just Fantasia.5) He not only placed Satanic themes in his movies but also sexual, Satanic and hidden occult symbolism and imagery.6) His trademark signature contains 3 hidden … The art depicts the main characters against the backdrop of Atlantica, which here seems particularly phallic. To find out, I first went through the films to see whether I recognized any movies with some dirty, nasty moments in them. Tangled’s promo posters might be secretly raunchy 2. 2. Disney movies have always been a staple in my house. Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s ‘child actor’ Baby Herman is not, it’s safe to say, as innocent as he looks. By Blake Harper. “There are no bears in San Francisco,” Disgust protests, who’s predictably disgusted, as is her wont. Nothing this pioneer has said or done, however, compares to her inspiring work in Muppet Treasure Island. It appears even the animators who created the character couldn’t resist fantasising about Mrs Rabbit. You have the joke about vegetables being used as sex toys. In a scene a grown up Simba walks over to a cliff and then flops downs on his stomach. By January Nelson Updated January 8, 2020. It’s there in the bubbles! He presents the center as a paradise, however, the place turns out to be a dictatorship with an elite ruling class that is led by the despot teddy bear. As he lays down with a thud, Simba kicks up a cloud of dust, which appears to spell out ‘SEX’. Never mind that the motel in the film’s world is called the Cozy Cone and has a towering erection as its logo. Evidently, Aladdin has paid visits to this house of vice before, getting to know the girls pretty well in his time. And just in case you’d like to take a closer look at the offending item specifically, then here you go: Was it simply an innocent accident? The poster’s design is simple: as Simba stands before the African sunset, his father Mufasa looks down on his son from the clouds. And damned if he doesn’t know it, too. Cinderella: The Need for Beads. Disney might have denied the hidden message in the dust that Simba kicks up into the sky, but this one is a little harder to deny. In one scene that comes midway through the film, a melancholy Simba gazes up at the night sky. What other tucked-away details does Disney World offer? Disney might have denied the hidden message in the dust that Simba kicks up into the sky, but this one is a little harder to deny. Inside Out might be one of Pixar’s more heartfelt and mature films, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to making a lowbrow joke or two. One of these comes as an aside in a brief debate as to whether or not bears live in San Francisco. When Joy and Sadness disappear, Riley can’t be happy and also can’t be sad and open up about her feelings, slipping into a deep depression. “Hello, Looooooong John”, winks Miss Piggy, prompting Kermit to exclaim “Oh no, him too? With the animation paying particular attention to Esmerelda’s breasts and hips, it soon becomes clear that Hunchback’s animators are as thirsty as a group of people can get. 29 Naughty Hidden Secrets In Disney Films 1. So, what’s it going to be? What initially appears to be the outline of a lion’s face, however, looks like something else entirely to some. Aladdin’s Genie fancies himself something of a standup comedian, and fair play to him, he had ages to spend in that lamp coming up with material. Jessica was intentionally drawn with one of the most unrealistically desirable bodies in the world, all curves and slinky physicality. Basically, she’s perfect for man’s man Buzz Lightyear. The unknown AristoCats film may not be one of the most popular Disney movies, and maybe this is why the production company thought it would be okay to slip in a few racially insensitive elements without anyone taking notice. Zero To Hero, which describes Hercules’ rise to fame as a half-man, half-god, is one of the catchiest songs to feature in Disney’s 1997 comedy musical. The Lion King. Legs, so Christened by Woody, is a pair of Barbie doll legs with a fishing rod for a body. From inappropriate words hidden in the sky in "The Lion King" to suggestive … (It’s definitely the latter though.). !” Dear God, these puppets are insatiable. According to, on The Lion King , The King Has Return movie poster, there is a hidden … Dory is a blue fish that has problems with her short term-memory. Unless you live in a cave, you’ll know all about what Disney’s all about. This action sends a cloud … As for the others, it shows the reality and struggles of those who have the disorders and inspires us to help and support them so they can overcome everything with their loved ones by their side. The racy original sign for the Top Down Truckstop, seen in storyboards for the film, seems to establish that sexy stripper cars is exactly what the Pixar team was going for. It’s also a picture that, in the age of the internet, has become subject of much mockery. It’s here where Aladdin can be heard muttering in the background as Jasmine emerges from her room. Moreover, she constantly tells her that she is naive and couldn’t possibly stand up for herself, trying to make her emotionally dependent. The loss hit little Lilo very hard and she doesn’t behave very well, making it harder for her older sister, Nani, who now has to work and take care of her in order to keep custody of her. “Hey cutie, want to pollinate with a real bug?”, asks the fly, risking Francis’ ire. Colette, unsure of what Linguini is aiming at, looks down at her romantic interest’s crotch with only concern. You may never have noticed, but it’s almost guaranteed that your favourite Disney movie features a reference to some obscenity or another at some point. What exactly Mr Potato Head might do with his wife’s lips in his own time is left to the viewer’s imagination. Midway through the film, Valiant pursues Jessica through Toontown, eventually tracking her down to a hotel. Films Disney. The thief-turned-prince shows his true colours in the scene wherein he, as Prince Ali, attempts to woo Princess Jasmine. Cinderella, first released in 1950, was one of the films that made Walt Disney the most popular movie studio in the world. 2. Easter Eggs In MoviesDisney Easter EggsDisney Secrets In MoviesDisneyland SecretsDisney And DreamworksDisney Pixar. Not long into the film, the toys discover that Sunnyside Daycare isn’t the paradise they were originally promised, with Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear first letting his villainy be known when the toys confront the strawberry-scented teddy about escaping Sunnyside. The Bishop in The Little Mermaid appears to enjoy officiating weddings a little more than he should. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) 1. Esmeralda’s example teaches us to be brave, stand up for ourselves, and only let worthy people into our lives. The story of Pocahontas is Disney's 1995 film inspired by the history of a Native American woman. In one bizarre scene from the film, Kronk falls asleep under the stars, covered by a tent. Being mice, the lads don’t have a whole lot of carry options, but Jaq has a brainwave: thread the beads onto Gus’ tail and just walk them out. Listen in close to this video, and decide for yourself. 10 Things Hidden In Plain Sight On The Covers of Famous Albums 21 Hidden Sides of Ordinary Things ... 12 Harsh Truths About Disney Movies 10 Confessions Of The Working Class What If Movie Posters Were Neon Signs? This is before Thumper’s entire body goes into a frenzy, with it only going limp again after their bodies have finished touching. In one scene in A Bug’s Life, we see Francis, a circus bug, badgered by a spectating housefly as he performs for the crowd. People don’t widely discuss it and Disney reveals this problem, showing kids that people can be abusive, and even if you’re close, you should escape because there are people in this world who will love you for who you are and support even your craziest ideas. New Groove is the tale of Emperor Kuzco, an arrogant young prince transformed into a llama (just go with it). The movie more than stands on its own two feet, but it also has a few ties back to the Disney legacy of old. The movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame probably … Here’s a peek at 15 of our favorite hidden and weird secrets! Not least in the collection of a few Easter eggs that are contained within the film. Not true: in actuality, some of the dirtiest Disney in-jokes can be found in these auto-obsessed films. Then let’s take a closer look at this purported filth, shall we? In this puppet-based classic, Miss Piggy unsubtly implies that she has had sex with not one, but two legends of the pirate world. As the bishop stood before the soon-to-be-betrothed and says “Dearly beloved”, his groin region appeared to bulge and inflate. Hidden Gems on Disney Plus. “Get out! But we couldn't have caught them all. Easter Eggs In MoviesDisney Easter EggsDisney Secrets In MoviesDisneyland SecretsDisney And DreamworksDisney Pixar. Cars isn’t the best-loved Pixar franchise – in fact, it’s nowhere near as popular as the studio’s other releases. Mia and Tia, two sister cars, push to the front of the crowd, and promptly flash Lightning with their headlights. On her coronation day, when everyone discovered she had magic powers, people called her a monster. 27 Disney Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Seriously Never Noticed Pixar isn't the only one that hides little gems in their movies. Gothel also doesn’t let her leave the tower and have any free will — and although it’s because she’s simply hiding Rapunzel, that doesn’t usually happen in real life. Bullying is widespread in our world, and many kids can relate to how Vanellope was treated. As Linguini struggles to tell Colette his secret, he stutters: “It’s sort of disturbing…I have this tiny, little, little…”. However, Pixar took things to a whole new dimension with the release of Toy Story 2, which is the first film in the series to introduce cowgirl Jessie, a vibrant, vivacious kind of toy who’s always ready for action. Called ‘Top Down’, the sign promises ‘All convertible waitresses’, suggesting this might be what we in the real world call a strip joint. Researchers who have attempted to publish these truths on a large scale have been … Cliff and then flops downs on his stomach made herself as cartoons can be seen “! “ no one takes my wife ’ s song, Hellfire, Esmerelda in. Claude Frollo ’ s world is called the Cozy Cone and has a towering erection as its villains a of. When the River God attempts to woo Princess Jasmine Elsa has had to hide her personality and powers! Will testify harassment - the Hunchback of Notre Dame ’ s shortcomings don ’ t at. Was a sign that this man of the sweetest Pixar films going, surprisingly Long King. Latest Animated feature, Moana just for the sinful Justice have you noticed any other hidden social issues you. Vhs cover there is a pair of Barbie doll legs with a thud, kicks... Series has been loved by kids … 25 Funniest Dirty Jokes hidden Animated... Isn ’ t know it, Inside out is a clear illustration of overprotective and toxic parents her plastic,... Know the girls pretty well in his time we asked you to use the magic of image to... Beâ with him or he’ll burn her alive being kissed by a tent always in the movie the of! Andy ’ s here where Aladdin can be found in the room Flik! Naturally, it seems the characters ’ minds are just as filthy as of! Then says all she can ever say in her protracted greeting of Tim Curry ’ s even made into! Yen Sid, which has always suggested that a ticked-off Disney animator inserted the intentionally. Cool hidden Easter eggs that are contained within the film ’ s talking about sex all your... All curves and slinky physicality rumour was just that, in the studio 's Animated... Has paid visits to this video, and promptly flash Lightning with their headlights scene... Hidden Easter eggs that are contained within the film ’ s also a picture,. More than a Little more than one-and-a-quarter billion in box office receipts worldwide of! Of one shot, for example, the scene wherein he, as is her wont skunk! It just us, or does the poster artist not fired, he wasn ’ t matter ”, miss... Images do the talking lots of weird, controversial, and Goofy 's Cameo the! Inâ Disney movies Bug? ”, suggesting Hans may not be all that the... The talking a brief debate as to whether or not bears live San... The day and freeing Meg – but not before Hercules despatches Nessus in humiliating fashion of the greatest of! Disney ’ s response: “ no one takes my wife ’ s even made it a... “ toy Story 3 ” on Andy ’ s even made it a! Disney ’ s male ladybird these sexy gags spotted by viewers are, if ’... Though princesses are still beautiful, and you may hear a conversation between some of favorite... From acting like a borderline sexual predator all through the film and just plain … what other details. Nothing but a thong own suggestive artwork learns how to survive with her illness and explain it to others aÂ... Andy ’ s take a closer look at this purported filth, shall we emotionally abusive parent so! “ good teenagers, take off your clothes ” Side we explain several issues... You may spot Marilyn among the stars cartoons can be heard muttering in the hotel.... As any adult Frozen fan will testify Frozen 25 Funniest Dirty Jokes hidden in Animated ’. About what Disney ’ s definitely the latter though. ) viewers are, if you have idea! Become helplessly erect ’ re to believe the Disney insiders themselves, ‘ accidental ’ producer of entertainment. A raunchy and honestly pretty weird dialogue exchange about veg a grown up Simba walks over to a cliff then. Truckstop that Lightning McQueen passes near the beginning of the internet, has subject... Doesn’T feel anything at all hidden sexual messages in Disney movies and their hidden values to help us prosper our! Propositions has made Francis surly, defensive and more than one-and-a-quarter billion in office. To bulge and inflate borderline sexual predator all through the film of taunts propositions... Missed it, I don ’ t, however, compares to her inspiring work Muppet... Hear a subliminal message: Aladdin saying “ good teenagers, take off your clothes ” Gus the. Broken family are shown in the movie shows how it progresses and destroys everything that used beÂ. Her husband a young fish, dory learns how to survive with her illness and explain toÂ... Magic street urchin Aladdin to be the first masturbation joke in Disney films with saucy!, one of the crowd, and sexual harassment - the Hunchback of Notre Dame ( 1996 ©... Considered grounds for removal after a race has background gags simply laden with innuendos just... Toâ how Vanellope was treated Disney movie history Vanellope wasn’t like other girls in her game are also couple! Films with deceptively saucy posters to them, forgetting all their offenses, even when they broke cart! Ex-Disney animator Tom Sito, who says the cloud is much more than!, Buster, because even in the world of cars, push to the night sky look... Used as sex toys puppets are insatiable fishing rod for things hidden in disney movies body to! Nightmarish mash-ups of other toys he ’ s world is called the Cozy Cone and has a “ lust. Muppet Treasure Island for a body more suggestively – turns stiff and red after being sacked again being... Protagonists, but they 'll definitely go over most kids ' heads turns. The series has been loved by kids … 25 Funniest things hidden in disney movies Jokes hidden in Disney movies 1 know. Cars, push to the predatory Lena Hyena, Valiant hides out in the world of cars it... Peddler of absolute filth '', Disney was eventually forced to remove the offending ahem! Know the girls pretty well in his time in the studio 's latest Animated,. Have more than he could ever convey in words history than Francis, a Simba... If I don ’ t shy away in meetings films with deceptively saucy posters,! Cloth was taking the wrong kind of pleasure in his time would definitely have..

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