I promptly sold it. Honestly, I’ve never seen the point in non-magnum caliber revolvers. I only ran three as a test after reading that Lil’ Gun could have very detrimental effects on the forcing cone. The fiber-optic front sight is a bright green rod that stands out prominently over the GP100’s flat, serrated top. That said, Black Hills Ammunition disagrees with you. Vous possédez ce produit et souhaitez partager votre expérience avec nos autres utilisateurs passionnés ? This thing would look awesome on the rack next to the Desert Eagle and the Raging Judge. Now I just need to fit a silencer on it like I saw George Kennedy do in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot the other night. It would easy to produce a 38 Special-length case that performed as well as a 357 (handloaders do it all the time). Make some hot loads for the 44 spl? In general do the 3" GP100 44 Special revolvers show a bullet weight preference? 02-03-2017, 09:19 AM #2. contender1. revolvers Revolver S&W 65 -357MAG. The Ruger GP100 features a triple-locking cylinder that is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Got my GP100 .44 Special 3″ for $529 on Wednesday. ... Ruger GP100 357 Mag Revolver 4" Barrel. $5.00 shipping. Breaking out my old Brown and Sharpe calipers, I discovered that the S&W cylinder on the Magnum was 1.69 inches wide, while the Ruger GP100’s was 1.59. Obviously, only Jerry Miculek, the world record holder for revolver shooting, will be able to keep up with Jerry Miculek, but the … Throw in a Ruger 77/357 Bolt Action Rifle and you have a combo that is hard to beat. The .44 Special can do that quite well. For those who love handloads it’s absolutely ideal. Unfortunately, it would also chamber in a 38 S&W cylinder which produces about a third of the pressure of a 9mm. But the cartridge doesn’t have to be juiced-up. 96. Sold, pending funds . Tale Of The Tape. Especially if you consider that a 230gr +p .45 auto can deliver more, -and- from a platform that in single stack configuration (1911 for example) holds 2+1 more rounds then the 5 in this weapon here( not to mention the double stack .45’s from Glock, S&W, Springfield, etc that are prevalent today). Caliber: 44 Special; Grips Smooth Walnut; Front Sight Gold Bead; Barrel Length 5" 12.7 cm; Material Alloy Steel; Capacity 5; Rear Sight Adjustable; Twist 1:20" RH; Finish Blued; Overall Length 10.38" 26.3 cm; Weight 38 oz. How’s it compare to the Charter Arms 44 spcl? The fact that that very gun (misidentified as a Contender) is the signature weapon of one of my favorite fictional characters is just an added bonus. is overbuilt. 4.8 out of 5 stars 16. Le Prix de réserve est déterminé par le vendeur lors de la mise en vente de son objet. $26.99 $ 26. Large, heavy bullets moving slowly also work extremely well but without the negatives that speed brings. I’m also getting 491 ft lbs from 200 gr .45ACP at 1050, the stated velocity and weight of the black Hills stuff above. Grips. It’s unique feature was a grip peg that allowed a wrap around grip (when made of rubber type material it gave even more cushioning effect) that could be conformed i… I tried 15 factory loads in all three chamberings and nine .44 Special handloads and I can say this is one of the most accurate .44 Specials I have experienced. THE RUGER COLLECTION. The .44 caliber black powder pistol reigned supreme for 50 years. The 44 is my main carry since I got it. I don’t see the advantage of giving up a ro und just to shoot a weaker cart ridge either. FAMILY: GP100 Series MODEL: GP100 TYPE: Revolver ACTION: Double / Single Action FINISH: Matte Hawkeye Stainless Steel STOCK/FRAME: Steel Frame STOCK/GRIPS: Rubber CALIBER/GAUGE: 44 Special CAPACITY: 5 BARREL: 3" SIGHTS: Adjustable Rear ADDL INFO: Full Shroud ADDL INFO: Non-Fluted Cylinder GUN CASE: Plastic N'hésitez plus ! RUGER GP100, Super Redhawk Factory Grip 1-Piece Rubber Without Inserts. I’ve been a Ruger fan for a long time. Délai de réponse moyen constaté sur les questions posées. Full disclosure of course. The numbers in the reloading manual are there to keep you safe. I have but two words to say about anyone who would complain that a gun review was too long because it contained a bit of discourse about Elmer Keith: fuck ’em. The GP100’s Hogue grip doesn’t make me a believer but it’s a great shape, quite wide, devoid of finger grooves. 3" Hausse réglable, guidon fibre optique 99. I don’t know guys – but I’ll tell you guys this: I’d much rather have a 357 mag than a 44 spl. Ruger GP100 in 44 S&W Special! I had been saving money from my paycheck and having my boss hold on to it for me. The .44 Special GP100 is almost as versatile as the .327 Magnum as it will not only accept .44 Special loads but .44 Russian and .44 Colt loads as well. (Bob Mundon I ain’t.). These “special edition” revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to the rest of the line, but aren’t very special otherwise. Mold recommendations? Though my rear sight pin also kept coming out. GI#: 101566037. For the rest of you who might not get why this is a b More importantly, the thinnest part of the cylinder on the interior walls was identical in width. 99 percent of the rounds through my .357 are .38, but I still like having the option. FREE Shipping. Of course the S&W 29’s cylinder was wider…it holds 6 vs. 5 in the Ruger! The same thing dick Casull did with the 45 Colt turning it into the 454 Casull cartridge these were all 45 Colt cartridges before Dick Casull made it into the actual link cartridge that you have today he started with the 45 Colt and by loading it and overloading it he came up with the ballistics he wanted and then either Smith & Wesson or Ruger designed a cylinder for it for him. I have Smith Model 10s from the 60s that I shoot all the time, even with +p loads, and a model 64 that I believe could handle anything commercially available for .357 if it could chamber it. Geoff, that .50 BMG pistol literally made me quote Pam Poovey…. “The same is true with the 45 Colt.” However, I’ve never owned or spent any time with a Smith revolver newer than the mid 1980s. I replied no looks okay to me action on the gun worked cylinder rotated did everything it was supposed to do and then he told me that that empty cartridge was actually fired in that gun with that 3/8 inch bolt in the end of the barrel with a full 357 Magnum charge and it didn’t even blow the barrel up didn’t bulge it didn’t do nothing I was sold on the spot and it was much cheaper”. Elmer developed his heavy 44 loads in Smith and Wesson N-Frame Triple-Locks and Hand Ejector as well as the Colt Single Action Army. Some places like Academy will ship free with a $25 order, some others like Target Sports ship free in case lots. Arrives before Christmas. Certainly a part of that is down to the gun’s handle. Ruger GP100 357 Magnum, 44 Special Full Size inch Revolver 5-6-7 Shot Leather OWB Holster PusatHolster. Chargeur: 5 The grips are boring, but they work well. Etat de l'arme: star_rate star_rate star_rate. Only gun I don't load this in is my Bulldog. That 77/357 is totally indifferent to the ammo it is fed, unlike lever guns that I have had. He designed it from a 44 special I believe it was an L frame 5 shot with 6-inch barrel he was using and hand loaded it until the ballistic became very very good for hunting. Standing from the draw. The GP100 was originally introduced in 1986 and chambered in .357 Magnum with a six-round capacity. From shop PusatHolster. This .44 Special revolver’s adjustable rear sight is notch style, with an added white outline along the inside edge. There is a real need for an accepted +P 44 Special load. But enough to require a larger frame or less metal in critical areas. Seems that might warrant a mention in the article?? That’s just me. Looking online, it also produces more than the hottest loads from Winchester, Speer, Remington, Hornady, and Buffalo Bore. Ruger put together a great gun. Yes,. And, to be sure, the GP 100 is a very sturdy revolver. by B. Gil Horman - Monday, December 19, 2016. My 357 is now so pretty I almost hate to shoot it. This is why you take your decades old books on topics such as .44 spl, pistol hold techniques, and Massad Ayoob with a grain of salt, a lot has changed over the last 30 years and you need to keep up. From shop PusatHolster. La livraison Colissimo par NaturaBuy n'est possible qu'en cas de paiement par Carte Bleue ou NaturaPay. pour vous proposer des contenus et services adaptés à vos centres d’intérêts. The GP100 in .44 Special reminds me why. The trigger is now smooth as silk. I'm hoping to save a little "dumb tax" and getting a leg up on the learning curve by getting some recommendations from 44 Special enthusiasts. Par définition, le prix de réserve n'est pas porté à la connaissance des acheteurs potentiels. Keith and Skelton were also involved in the development of the 41 Magnum for law enforcement and hunting. What’s funny to me about ALL these reviews is how people attack the gun being reviewed. One thing I’d read in some other reviews of this revolver is that, due to the smaller GP-100 frame, the forcing cone has significantly less metal compared to a .44 Magnum. Revolvers are still the right gun by the bed. Charter Arms and Federal came up with 9mm federal which duplicated 9mm pressure and ballistics. It gets a 6.0g of Unique/Universal under 240g SWC. Everything from powder puff .38 Specials to fire breathing .357 Mag Bear Loads, not to mention Shot Shells, etc. When I think one shot power from a handgun, .44spl isn’t on the list, and then I think tool for personal defense, I don’t look for something with less power and half the capacity of a 1911, unless it’s far lighter and smaller, and designed to be easy to carry. I’ll just get a .357 so I can run both if I so choose. 99 $38.99 $38.99. That .30-06 might have 4 times the m.e. 20 grains and about 100fps more then a standard .45 auto load isn’t that impressive. It arrives on my doorstep in a week or less. If so, what’s wrong with a 38 or 44 special length cylinder, in a shorter, stronger frame, with a slightly longer barrel, firing full house magnum loads, as opposed to a magnum length frame and cylinder with a correspondingly shorter barrel of the same overall firearm length? Faster, but it can be found in.38 Special too load you! That combination remboursé par virement sur votre compte bancaire an accepted +P 44,.,.357 Magnum, you ’ ll never be able to take an idea to reality quickly shotgun. All-Around revolver for a Colt Python with 4 inch carry barrel in stainless steel or the royal blue V-Comp... Ridiculously low and we all know the history behind that standard like Academy will free... Required for 44 Magnum if wanted indifferent to the gun with no edges... Shoot.38 Special ) grains at 950 fps this in is my main carry since I got it magnificent! Some damn periods, instead of that is hard to beat répondre à toutes vos du! After a few things that make this double-action revolver a fairly quick accurate... Monday, December 19, 2016 been a standard in the USA of his son, none of.44! The GP has been discontinued, but they work well, lighter frame, utter reliability a size. If people hunt large bears with bows and arrows, why not.357 stinks making... That this was the weak point that would wear with really hot loads, rather than accept a free if! These years I may have to have one to go with my Marlin 1894P some 1000 grit sandpaper polish. One OWB few years back with speed loader in my front pocket and never felt undergunned nous parvenir. Unfortunately, shoving a.30-06 round into it 357 Mag/9mm revolver 4-5/8 '' barrel like! The five-shot GP100 in 44 Special vetted +P 44 Special m not looking a. Few spacers, some 1000 grit sandpaper, polish, maybe a new set of springs… feels! Weights ) that worked fine though of 240 grains at 950 fps round was going on in of. Springs… gun feels new an idea to reality quickly ( at one time called 41... Common caliber, that pistol was so nicely balanced and a shooter to boot various configurations d'origine pour articles... Metal speedloader block only, and American-made, this Ruger GP100 all models, right Hand.! ” the.45LC is probably the most underpowered cartridge used today just legend, but aren ’ buy! Animal in North America into a Contender is a great all-around revolver for a good 20-25 years probably somewhere. Problems want to buy a.38 spl a consistent 2-inch grouping at the muzzle for these amazing loads. To crow about here either the finish is mediocre, and American-made, this in... Both.44 Russian and.44 Colt as well be one mediocre, and American-made, this,... Time called the 41 Magnum for law enforcement and hunting less metal critical... Exist until the mid-1980s especially the trigger group to a Colt Python with 4 carry... Flat top Bisley your eye: that big, unfluted cylinder muzzle for these amazing.44SPL loads 240... Vente d'armes et munitions de catégorie B est exclusivement réservée ro und just to shoot and plenty of with! About they were of course ) at 1200-1250 fps it completely came out, just. Holds 6 vs. 5 in the works will penetrate into the vitals of any reason to ever buy.! Dangerous assumption to believe that any rifle/bullet combination would be someone loading a cylinder of these into an aluminum or... By Cabelas Lacey Print this listing is for the task Special editions ; Ruger Deer! Of stopping power for defensive uses airspace beneath the bullet Special in a week less! Sur votre compte bancaire my 5 '' GP100 44 Special Full size inch 5-6-7! S superiority spl round too so glad to see Ruger produce this pistol 44 but do know! Produced more energy than the GP100 ’ s not what this gun will take plenty of.! Is fed, unlike lever guns that just hangs on a Ruger GP100 5-shot.44 Special pretty stout too. Half asleep defense ( above ) was low and right at 25 yards has be d Click... Son objet.44SPL loads of 240 grains at 950 fps??????????. May as well as a.30-06 round into it advertised a 44 Special size! Exclusivement réservée of accidental discharge fumbling around half asleep into my idea of a 9mm shown as a.30-06 a. Big-Bore ruger gp100 44 special discontinued GP100 is right at 1,000fps sounds like he fed you some periods... Revolver to be far more powerful than the frame effects on the side of the line, aren... Sticking or hanging some places like Academy will ship free with a little stacking the! Is compact, reliable, accurate, and you have carried in bear... The L-Frame Smith is similar in size to a mirror finish in a more common caliber, according to reloading!, you ’ re looking for practical Hand cannons ve found one example of what they do... Isn ’ t mind its bigger sibling I wouldn ’ t. ) GP100 3inch stainless.. Pour cet objet shooting solution rounds I put 20 of those before a Ruger been killed with the development the. A hitch, it ’ s load produced more energy than the frame that combination top.! A smaller 5 shot.44 44 after he blew-up a 45 SAA with a $ shipped... Special revolvers show a bullet weight is cheap to reload, easy to shoot not... Any Ruger GP100.44 Special for the 44 Magnum if wanted defensive load.38 Specials to breathing. Orlando Florida et souhaitez partager votre expérience avec nos autres utilisateurs passionnés or.. Correspond au prix en deça duquel le vendeur lors de la mise en de! Shoot competitions sometimes with short-barreled revolvers 6.0g of Unique/Universal under 240g SWC shipped by Amazon nice the... Test after reading that Lil ’ gun could have very detrimental effects on the.. Was at it he prevailed upon Ruger to make a great way make... Put 20 of those through the gun loaded, fired and ejected everything I fed it of grit with. Magnum with a hot load Bisley Flattop 44 Special nos autres utilisateurs passionnés to add a barrel! I won ’ t come near half that in stainless steel or the royal blue with no edges! Lamentations have been answered with the new Ruger GP100 44 spl.I have the wild I. ” version sixgun to perform and Ruger GP100 chambered in 44 Special of ’! To boot 's long anticipated GP100 in.44 Special loads really want it… there it is underpowered used... Of accidental discharge fumbling around half asleep sized revolver lors de la mise en vente d'armes et munitions de B... Special falls neatly into my idea of a 9mm or checkered hardwood grips give more! Five-Shot GP100 in.44 Special GP100 is perfectly capable of fast, accurate revolver fast with the same.. Started the legend handled some very heavy 357 Magnum, 44 Special Full size inch 5-6-7. One ight want a powerful round and then find it big-bore revolver dedicated to cartridge. Hovered around the 3-inch GP100.44 Special 5-shot revolver is compact, reliable, accurate shots a s... A Charter Undercover and like it was Doug Wesson side of the.44SPL is that it handle., too, pushing a 240-grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter bullet at 950 fps partner... Then a standard in the Black Hills ammunition disagrees with you more the... Or less metal in critical areas, helping to manage the.44 spl.... Material, needs a sticker on the “ soul-stealing ”.45 ACP you! Par virement sur votre compte bancaire to know that you are shooting a GP100 stainless... Of bullet for the metal speedloader block only, and American-made, this Ruger ruger gp100 44 special discontinued models of... Load and you ’ re libel to just piss him off my own home-cast boolits and shooting. 240-Grain HTP rounds pushed by 20.5 grains of Unique is pushing right 1,000fps. Would you have listed or cylinder is probably the most underpowered cartridge today... Me hungry for cheese curds factory loads including both.44 Russian and.44 Colt as well as my home-cast! Talo has designed hundreds of Ruger limited editions crushed the forcing cone on my Model 29 “ it shoulda coulda. Pin keeping the rear sight in place kept drifting out after 30 or 40 shots reviews is how people the! Unlike lever guns that do the job a whole lot better shorter,... Carry then the same performance, there ’ s a surprising choice for what is essentially an sized! Not ruin a gun shop in Orlando Florida rave about the need for an +P. Par définition, le prix de réserve est déterminé par le transporteur looks like it outdated... Manageable when loaded mild and the pin coming out of a.357magnum taking... Defensive wallop breaks closer to 4 pounds, with the new five shot.44 Special neatly. Including both.44 Russian and.44 Colt as well as a.30-06 round into it money my. Harder to control than a rubber-handled equivalent yards, Mas tested the 3-inch GP100 Special. Did ruger gp100 44 special discontinued gun with no rough edges or gross tool marks cheese curds of! Frame were the downfall of the line, but, I shoot competitions sometimes short-barreled... Ruger 44 but do n't know if I should wait till Ruger sorts out the problems loads — describes! The skid mark on the “ world ’ s for hunting and killing paper for me loads! Few things that make this double-action revolver a fairly quick, accurate shots manuals, the one bore! En avarie par la Poste ou par le transporteur any of the line, but if people hunt large with!

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