An abundant array of metal roofing types, colors and styles are available to perfectly adorn any home, offering both incredible functionality and exceptional attractiveness. thickness before paint (29 gauge) Code Compliant for Residential Roofs in Michigan; Burton, MI Store Pickup Only. That’s exactly what they are: 26 gauge steel in 9 colors with textured finishes instead of smooth finishes. Specifically designed for adhered and loose laid systems, it delivers exceptional dimensional stability and minimal thermal expansion and … The amount of maintenance required for the roof makes it much cheaper. Textured Metal. The ABSeam roof was installed by Bernell Burkholder, LLC, and the siding was installed by John Auker Roofing and Siding. Metal tile roofing systems offer such an experience with the added steel benefits of being lightweight, walkable, and wind resistant. Beautiful textured background of metal oval sheets for roofing. We are known for our honesty, integrity and expertise in the metal roofing and siding industry. These panels are extremely popular and are commonly used for metal roofing and siding for homes, businesses and agriculture. SIZE(S): 48" x 96" ORDER ONLINE. Browse our inventory of metal roofing materials. Metal Roofing & Siding. Specifically designed for adhered and loose laid systems, it delivers exceptional dimensional stability and minimal thermal expansion and … 4 Satin Finish, 16 Gauge (.0625" Thick), 0% Open Area. Since 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has led the world in the development and production of deep-textured, three dimensional engineered metal surfaces used in architectural, industrial and transportation applications. 2018 . Browse our inventory of metal roofing materials. The amount of maintenance required for the roof makes it much cheaper. Textured Metal - Metals, Inc is a national steel manufacturer since 1978: perforated metal, expanded metal, grating, tread, grip strut, wire mesh, stair tread, located in Greater Cleveland Area: 185 Oakleaf Oval, Cleveland, Ohio 44146, Tel: 440.439.4799 Get a sense of the variety we carry. Burnished Slate Rawhide. They come in a variety of different colors for both textured and non-textured … Textured metal offers a unique level of sophistication to any architectural project. Iron corrugated dirt rusty metal texture seamless 09985. Rustic Rawhide is a textured metal print that emulates the weathered look of a corten steel panel, but with the added benefits of the warranty of a fully-painted panel. An investment with long lasting Value! If you have lost your password, enter your email address. McNICHOLS ® Textured Metal Designer Textured, 5-SM 1600, Stainless Steel, Type 304, No. McNICHOLS ® Textured Metal Designer Textured, LEATHER GRAIN 2000, Stainless Steel, Type 304, No. Bridger Steel Textured Finishes. Its stone-coated and satin-finish roof systems incorporate cutting-edge Zincalume protective steel, which gives the tiles a significantly longer service life than typical galvanised tiles. Our metal roofing services also include textured metal, which is a distinctive, low-gloss textured coating applicable to any type of building. How to Choose Metal Roofing Colors - Metal Building Pics. textured metal roofing shed with roof steel frame truss honeycomb aluminium sheet buildex teks screws zinc shield installation 12 panels aluminum rv sealant berridge flush seam panel suntop silver tin interlocking Most metal ceilings are easy to insert. Attractive in appearance, textured roofs provide less glare, more traction and are far more scratch resistant than typical roofs. Call today. Metal Roofing Textured Panels Striking Beauty. Wagler Metals performs residential and commercial metal roofing and siding services in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Give us a call today, 641-459-3903, to schedule a free professional assessment regarding your next metal roofing project. Metal roofing is an exceptional choice for any home or commercial building, boasting a long service life (typically 40 years or longer), sturdiness, resistance to weathering and other forms of damage, and much more. Textured Metal! It brings all the value, quality, and durability of premium steel roofing, all at an affordable price! Roofing facts have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Metal roofs and siding are eco friendly, and create a barrier against weather conditions to reduce the cost of heating and cooling. In stock at our 19 locations. We will provide you with the very best options and formulate a plan to perfectly meet your metal roofing needs and wants! Even with all of the benefits of installing a metal roof, you may be hesitant to install one because you are worried about how it will affect the aesthetics of your home. “5V” Crimp, “R” Panel, corrugated roofing, face-fastened panels, through-fastened panels, or screw down panels are some of the synonyms for this metal roof style. be sent to you with instructions for you. Metal roofs are also a highly attractive option that complements virtually any building style. Finden Sie Hohe Qualität Strukturierten Metall Dachziegel Hersteller Strukturierten Metall Dachziegel Lieferanten und Strukturierten Metall Dachziegel Produkte zum besten Preis auf Help Me Choose | Finish. Order) 14 YRS . Rigidized® Metals products are known for their attractive, economical and functional appeal. High UV resistance. About the Textured ABSeam Panel. Panels are made to the whole inch. At Floyds Metal Buildings, we specialize in textured metal roofing.