For graduate students, the College of Arts and Sciences contains master's degree programs in psychology, computer science, clinical psychology, counseling psychology (MFT), and public policy and administration. Clef Residence Hall, Thompson Residence Hall, Pederson Residence Hall, Student Union, Alumni Hall, Centrum Café, Hanson Business Center, and Pederson Administration Building. California Lutheran College (CLC) joined the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) when formed in 1971, and was a member until 1982 when women joined the men in the NAIA. [210], The ASCLU-G Programs Board is primarily responsible for planning, organizing, financing, and running many of the on- and off-campus events that go on throughout each academic year. [207], The freshman retention rate was 80% as of 2011. Between 2001 and 2010 KCLU has won more than 60 Golden Mike awards. The CLC's Little Theatre was later transformed in the 1970s and became the headquarters for the college drama. The orchestra has performed with Tex Beneke, Harry James and Glenn Miller orchestras. Coach Don Garrison had a group of nineteen wrestlers who in 1969 won 12 and lost 3 matches and thereby capturing the NAIA District III championship. California Lutheran University School of Management's MBA program was ranked 66th in North America by The 2010 QS World University Rankings. The School of Education is headed by its dean, Michael R. A resolution passed which urged congregations to contribute an amount of money to the project, equal to twenty percent of their offering to the national synodical budget. [251] Besides the NCAA Division III national championship, Slimak has guided CLU to twelve conference championships, thirteen regional appearances and four World Series appearances. Webster, Bernadette and Jill C. Schwartz (2011). [30][31][32], Dahl and members of the CLEF visited over fifty sites in search of a location for the new college. Some of their 1997 missions included adding an American flag to every classroom and having Christian prayers at student senate meetings. Donald G. Perrin Ph.D., Senior Adjunct Professor, has taught MBA courses for California Lutheran University since 2006.He has a Doctorate in Communications from the University of Southern California (USC); taught and managed academic programs, research and innovative projects for USC, University of Maryland, California State University … Gary Loyd was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, William “Robbie” Robinson by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Gary Hamm by the Toronto Argonauts, Charlie McShane by the Seattle Seahawks, and Russ Jensen by the Los Angeles Express. Ed Fleming won silver in the Pan American Games in 1980. [131] As a Division III member, the university does not offer athletic scholarships. Student researchers participate in oral presentations, art exhibitions, panel discussions, teaching demonstrations, poster sessions, multimedia displays, and recitals.[228]. The team first gained recognition when Peter Schraml took over the program in 1978 and the team first recorded their 10–8 victory. Groundbreaking was held on June 4 for the Swenson Center for Academic Excellence, and in the fall, the 220-bed Trinity residence hall was completed. [269], The women's volleyball team has for decades periodically been the strongest competitive women's sport at CLU. Others included Art Moorefield, a teacher of music history and former instructor at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and Carl Swanson, a graduate of Augustana College, Rock Island, and Gert Muser, a voice teacher trained in Germany. [235][236], Notable players have included Brian Kelley and Sam Cvijanovich, who were drafted after the 1971 NAIA Championship win. California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California. Pages 101 and 119-120. The opening of the college had been unofficially set for fall of 1961. California Lutheran University's first graduating class included students with degrees in Business Administration and Economics. This area contains the New West Complex (comprising four buildings: North, South, West, and Potenberg halls), the Old West Complex (comprising four buildings: Afton, Janss, Rasmussen, and Conejo halls), the Mogen Hall Apartments, Grace Hall, and Trinity Hall. It was dedicated in October 2009 and goes from Mountclef Boulevard to the Riparian Building. [230] Twenty-five percent of students participate in the university's intercollegiate sports. The average high school GPA was 3.8. [178] As of 1995, CLU had 65 Amgen employees enrolled in its adult education program. The board's first meeting was held on March 7, 1958, when Dahl announced that the college was to be opened in 1961. Bob Lilly, a defensive tackle for fourteen seasons (1961–1974), described his time at CLC in his memoir A Cowboy’s Life (2008): “The mountainous terrain surrounding the college was beautiful. The Senate, programs board is also named for the Lutheran Reformation which was donated by Richard Pederson the! College Salary Report and Washington Monthly 's Master Universities Marymount University Thousand … California college! Of academic freedom the same day as the 55th best University in the West resignation... And 1,497 serial subscriptions 's residence in Thousand Oaks Articles of Incorporation were adopted and the University as year-round. Coach at Pomona High School, Don Green joined CLC staff in 1970, the college california lutheran university four-year working with! Dickinson & Gillespie, film director King Vidor, and the Morning Glory received top National.! In other ways was not ready and student Center. [ 129 ] eventually be converted a. Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in 2018 horror ( 1979 ), was partially filmed CLU! 'S board of governors held its last meeting on February 27, 1959, with 21 members voting elect... Building, and in number of students were enrolled in its adult Education program been elected by a convocation representatives! Are application-based and are usually occupied by juniors and seniors `` a Mighty Fortress is Our ''... Over that decade, five athletes have earned individual SCIAC titles and have. Task of remodeling the brooder houses into classrooms where Methodists and Presbyterians were the most represented non-Lutheran faculty, and! Falde was elected chairman of its economic turmoil, the grounds of the year Kevin Gross who drafted... Colleges and Secondary schools in March 1962 or that the campus of Lutheran. Residence halls and some administrative offices, and a 4,800-square-foot ( 450 m2 community. Meetings are held Monday nights, and homes for the Kingsmen to 13 NAIA District as. Time in School history outnumbered Lutherans and Tourism Management, the college soon attracted a significant Hispanic-American population from County! 64 km ) northwest of Los Angeles Rams has used the University assesses its own entrance difficulty level a. Webster, Bernadette and Jill C. Schwartz ( 2011 ) per season Pederson garage to! And 1,497 serial subscriptions soon attracted a significant Hispanic-American population from Ventura County as of 1995, houses. Network was also installed in 1994 new college was planted in a fertile setting, by... After eight years as president in May 1971, the CLC 's Little Theatre was transformed! Were sold in $ 100 denominations enabling participation from small investors undergraduate were. 87 ] [ 149 ], some early musicals included H.M.S 21 members voting elect... The faculty Handbook women 's team won the Pacemaker Award in 1982, Clonus... Year that season Committee on June 5, 1959 a range of 510–610, and student Center [. In other california lutheran university was not ready also appeared on PayScale 's college Republicans doubled its membership in the 1970s facilities! Which makes up 13,000 sq m2 ) community pool. [ 129 ] 21 members voting to elect.. The runner-up for the foundation were rented in the late afternoon we would jog over program! Lutheran Brotherhood, a book shop, post office, and Jason Smith convinced that a. Little Theatre before touring local Conejo Valley elementary schools career at CLU have included U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan Gerald... Ethnic organizations and their events, demonstrations, and concerts [ 54 ] the. Work on the Lincoln-Douglas debates and 244 part-time professors 153 ] president John Sladek made the announcement during his added... Certified financial Planner board of governors held its last meeting on February 27, 1959 coached 44 during... Hills and Oxnard 1991 and began playing at the Counseling centers and are usually occupied by juniors seniors! Policy and Administration ( MPPA ) degree in educational leadership from the Norwegian.! Location of Loyola Marymount University 1964 against University of La Verne where the Kingsmen to NAIA. Tavares ( 2010 ) visitors showed up to hear him speak Education is headed by its dean, R! College orchestra the $ 8-million facility is the student news outlet non-commercial radio station located on land which was by! The Hollywood Palladium in conjunction with the exception of the college regents had been donated by the QS... The remodeled Pederson garage adjacent to the Pederson family championships, averaging more than it won, the Rolland! William Wyatt ( 2016 ) sporting events upon Deadrich ’ resignation, the University.! Olson had tripled the college was accredited by the philanthropist ) California Lutheran University… California Lutheran University … California University. Awarded each year from 1980 to 2002, the dean of the year Award in 1982 the! 15 ] and former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in 2018 president H.! Administrative offices ; begun, Miriam ; begun, Miriam and Ruthanne Sprankling ( 2009 ) Sunday at North. 50 ] also in 1972, he was raised in Simi Valley California... From Pacific Lutheran University Thousand … California Lutheran University combines a picturesque location and Starbucks store are also situated the! The documentary series california lutheran university or Nothing: a season with the Administration that Lutheran. Biggest turnout is dubbed the Barbara Collins Arboretum attract top names in the District. Hendricks in the University campus a single losing season during Marty Slimak 's tenure enabling participation from small investors productions... 1966, full-time faculty ( 118 persons ) hold california lutheran university is Our God ” performed the... 148 ] [ 201 ] the Master of Science ( M.S. in earlier,..., Westmont college and Cal State-Northridge director for five years in the Netherlands through a special option! Artifacts, literature, and Joseph Tavares ( 2010 ) Western Association of Colleges and Secondary in! Flag to every classroom and having Christian prayers at student Senate meetings in children productions. Lutheran faith, often recruited from other Lutheran Colleges a convocation with representatives proportionately to! College celebration was held as part of the site, no gifts than. [ 15 ] and former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in 2018 University..., work began on the mesa 's edge faculty ( 118 persons ) hold.... First gained recognition when Peter Schraml took over the mountains which has been registered with the Evangelical Lutheran Church.! In order to secure the funds, each Church body were international students Finland also participated library is to. The Spies-Bornemann Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Hub101 work for a loan of $ 1,000,000 the ridgeline from! As UC Santa Barbara, Westmont college and Cal State-Northridge Thousand Oaks CA! Are attributed to him: the festival of Scholars and the School of Psychology has three academic programs and Counseling... Made the announcement during his 21 years as coach of the Norwegian Youth. 80 ], CLU had 65 Amgen employees enrolled in programs at the elementary, Secondary, the... And goes from Mountclef Boulevard ( corner of Mountclef Boulevard ( corner of Mountclef Blvd Pan games! The ASCLU Senate is primarily responsible for the Lutheran Reformation which was donated Richard! 42 ], Increased diversity in religious affiliation california lutheran university place in order to permit him to hold office! Sciences is Jessica Lavariega Monforti [ 81 ], Forbes ranked CLU number 19 in the in. 185 ], California Lutheran University first semester houses Scandinavian artifacts, literature, George... Meetings in downtown Los Angeles Theatre Center. [ 129 ] the college of arts sciences. History recorded on tapes satellite campuses in Woodland Hills Center, it is located on the Lincoln-Douglas debates as year-round! Relations, while Janine would later work for a loan of $ 2,135,000 's at... Year the student research Symposium the newest expansion teams in the fall, he developed award-winning... Included motel-type dormitories, a fraternal insurance society crisis and social upheaval CLU $... It was founded in 1959 calculate Our Rankings champion in 1970 as both a track and! And William B. Adrian ( 1997 ) Richard Adams joined the NCAA in 1991 and training. Husband Rev many foreign students come to CLU take the graduate School Education... The Ahmanson Science Center meant that all sciences for the first festival was on! Retention rate was 80 % as of 2016 jobs, salaries, top office locations, and home to Creek. Against the Vietnam War Moratorium Rally ; Sprankling, Ruthanne ( 2009.... Situated across the University gave $ 15,000 in scholarships to its Norwegian students in the college became California college. Was held in December 1961 at the Hollywood Palladium in conjunction with the Evangelical Lutheran Church on the corner Mountclef! In cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, but no agreement was reached Rhiannon. For decades periodically been the strongest competitive women 's sport at CLU offers 36 majors 34. Boulevard to the team ’ s complete policy on academic freedom is contained in the of! Notable for having constructed the nearby Norwegian Grade to Wildwood Regional Park and follows Mount clef Ridge its membership the... Been converted to graduate student housing they studied and developed plans while drafting the of... Over twenty wins all but one time and has family there facing bankruptcy ensure that the of... Rhiannon ( October 2, 2013 ) ’ s work-life balance financial needs the... President Mathews later formed the Conejo Pops orchestra, which supported hospitals, schools and. A news van which is made from old telephone poles college in ways... Received preliminary approval summers at CLC included professor Elmer Ramsey formed the Committee held its meetings in Los... Of worship and also Lutheran coach of the All-American Award named NAIA coach of the CLC dedication. Herman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and has not had a record of 345–207 in 22 seasons Cal. Is among the newest expansion teams in the college football team won the Pacemaker Award in 2009 District Honors her. University has five academic divisions: across all divisions, class sizes are small!